Deal Generation

Deal Generation Mar 7, 2018

Deal Generation

Deal generation is the process of making deals with a business, a company, or a startup ready for 1) acquisition by an investor and 2) exit by a business or company owner or a startup founder. It’s the result of lead generation. While lead generation is the process of generating millions, thousands, and hundreds of target leads, i.e., businesses, companies, startups, private equity providers, venture capitalists, and investment bankers, deal generation is the process of 1) eliminating poor and unqualified leads incapable of meeting the acquisition and exit requirements after intensive evaluation and assessment procedures and 2) finalizing deals based on the requirements of the investors. The focus of lead generation is quantity due to a belief that the more leads you produce and reach the higher chance of finding the target businesses for exit and the target investors to acquire while the focus of deal generation is quality.

If lead generation is widely known in the Internet marketing as the generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business’ products or services1 through [websites or landing pages], deal generation is the generation of deals ready for contract signing.

Adrayay Group is founded to give value on the basic, most important, and vital part in buying and selling transactions or investment process—the deal generation, which focuses primarily on the quality of deals already made and ready for sealing.

Deal Generation with Investors, i.e., Private Equity Providers, Venture Capitalists, and Investment Bankers

With our extensive personal relationships with our networks of global business contacts, we have developed a comprehensive list of private equity providers, venture capitalists, investment bankers, and angel investors super qualified to take over any business, company, or startup.

The contacts we have are carefully screened real buyers and investors ready to spend huge amount of money for businesses they are interested to acquire. They’re active in finding business ventures where they can make profits.

Deal Generation with Business or Company Owners and Startup Founders

We’re receiving hundreds of business proposals each month, but as a rigorous screening methodology with proven systematic approach is implemented throughout the process, only a few businesses meet our preliminary requirements. Only a couple businesses each month meet our investors’ requirements.

Our steady flow of deals across a wide range of industries keeps the firm’s main focus on deal generation. The business or company owners and startup founders are active in seeking funds, investment deals, or new owners of the business.

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By Carlos Adrayay

Serial Entrepreneur | Expert in exit strategies and succession planning of different businesses across a wide range of industry segments, especially companies in Asia with stable cash flow.