UHNWIs & Billionaires on Investment in Smart Cities in Philippines

UHNWIs & Billionaires on Investment in Smart Cities in Philippines Jun 4, 2020

UHNWIs & Billionaires on Investment in Smart Cities in Philippines

Intended for Asia’s UHNW investors and the billionaires expanding their empires across Asia, Adrayay Group has started collaborating with top government officials in the Philippines to build smart cities for HNW & UHNW businesses funded by Asian ultra-high-net-worth investors and billionaires.

The Group has partnered with local and foreign companies from different sectors and infrastructures such as telecom, information technology, energy, health, water, and other related industries to support the development of smart cities in the Philippine archipelago.

As of 2020, about 100 kilometers north of Manila is 10,000-hectare New Clark City being transformed into a smart city through a public-private partnership (PPP) program. New Manila Bay–City of Pearl or simply called as the City of Pearl is the world’s biggest smart city to be built on reclaimed land in the City of Manila’s Manila Bay. The City of Pearl is described as the biggest One Belt and One Road project in the Philippines by Hong Kong-based architecture firm Ho & Partners Architects (stylized as hpa). It will cover an area of 407 hectares.

Makati City’s Makati Central Business District and Taguig City’s Bonifacio Global City are the two major central business districts in the Philippines that aspire to be pioneering smart cities.

At the 32nd ASEAN Summit in April 2018, the ASEAN leaders established the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) and named Cebu City, Davao City, and Manila as among the 26 ASCN pilot cities of the Southeast Asian region.

Philippine Smart City Projects Open for UHNW Investors and Billionaires

With more than 100 million population in a 300,000-square-kilometer-country divided by 7,641 islands and with 99% of population living in the busiest urban areas to survive, most parts of the Philippines remain unoccupied, making these secluded areas suitable for the richest yet smallest population with all resources ready in a snap of a finger.

Philippine islands are in fact mostly mountainous, but Adrayay Group has identified strategic locations in various regions across the country, which if developed will convert into superior returns for UHNW individuals and the billionaires investing in different industries that make a smart city. The country itself is strategically positioned at the crossroads of the Asia-Pacific region, serving as the gateway for European and American businesses penetrating Asian market.

As a newly industrialized country, the Philippines is still an economy with a large agricultural sector which is often left neglected by local investors who divert most of their funding to services such as business process outsourcing. Tourism, although one of the most important sectors for the Philippine economy, is lagging far behind the rest of Asia because of insufficient number of businesses vital to this industry. Local investors apparently don’t see the most important generators of revenues because of too many factors such as doing business in the Philippines. But now with an increasing number of the so-called nouveau-riche individuals who are self-made millionaires and billionaires dominated by the millennial generation, it’s inevitable to see the whole country changing its landscape by transitioning to a more robust economy, which is open for a real globalization.

With majority of existing local investors only interested in short-term goals and with the least number of billionaires in Asia, the Philippines is truly a sleeping giant that is about to wake up from its decades-long slumber. For super financially-intelligent UHNW investors and the billionaires expanding their business empires and family dynasties across Asia, the Philippines is one of the best Asian countries to invest in for 2020-2024.

Consult Adrayay Group Before You Invest In the Philippines      

The Philippine government under President Rodrigo Duterte is sometimes very secretive. There are too many things happening in private business sector which are vital to the Philippine economy, but because the local media has always been too focused on politics and all crimes in every corner, the progress of the country, all business accomplishments of the businesspeople, and the plan and support of the government are only heard and discussed among the 1% of the population who take action. We have been partnering with top government officials in the Philippines, Filipino serial entrepreneurs, and foreign investors. If you’re an ultra-high-net-worth investor or a billionaire wanting to explore the greener pasture that the Philippines can offer, contact us for long-term partnership.

By Carlos Adrayay

Serial Entrepreneur | Expert in exit strategies and succession planning of different businesses across a wide range of industry segments, especially companies in Asia with stable cash flow.